UFit 45 / 30

Metabolic conditioning.

The goal of a UFit session should be to achieve and sustain a high effort output over a short period of time, with as little rest as possible between work to make your body more energy-efficient, fitter, stronger & faster.

UFit 45 is a 45 min intense session

UFit 30 short sharp intense version great if you are pushed for time and can’t train long durations our UFit 30 classes are ideal for you.

UFit Circuit

These sessions are usual 60 mins long. Strength exercises in a strongman style circuit format, using Farmers walks, prowler sledges, tyres, Hammers, Sandbags, DBalls and Kettlebells.

They are great for building strength, muscle mass, accelerated fat burning, improved functional movement capacity and a good accessory for other sports training, whilst increasing your cardiovascular system.

Mz Remote are our Virtual classes

Via Zoom Linked to our Myzone softwear.

Using state of the art Heart rate monitoring, the instructor can see how hard you are working, motivate and encourage you whilst you are in the privacy of your own home.  Although you do not need a Myzone belt, you will experience a much more interactive and informed work out with one.


Strong First Girya is the hard style of kettlebell training.

Using the principles and guides of Strong First, our kettle bell classes will be coached by the only two qualified coaches locally.

Following the strong first Girya Principles,

you will be educated and taught how to swing, clean & snatch a kettlebell with correct form, technique and power helping you to build a stronger body using the kettlebell.

It is like no other Kettlebell class in the area, the kettlebell is not a dumbbell, as such should be treated with the respect, we at StrongFirst give it.


Stiff as a board, well, yes Yoga is for you! 45-60 minute session to help improve your flexibility, strength & mobility. Suitable for all ages & abilities.

You will be guided in your movement under a very watchful eye.  Don’t be fooled, this class ain’t for the faint hearted!!!