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    Danielle Ward

    Battle Rope Blast

    A few examples of battle ropes moves.

    Battle ropes are a fab training tool & are also fun.

    They are an effective all over body workout.

    Make sure keep core & Glutes tight , and clavicle up. For the more advance clients they can hold a isometric squat holds and incorporate some jumps , lunges , squats hit the lower body.

    Hear are examples of simple but effective Battle rope moves. Ideal for beginners and those returning from injury.

    1) Alt waves
    2) Double waves & Slams
    3) Jumps / Step Jacks
    3) Round the worlds
    4) In / out or snakes in the grass I like to call them
    5) Burpee Slam Combo

    20 on 40 off is a great way to start or with low reps anything more then 40-60’ is far to long to wave a rope, or 10 reps each move Waite till the heart rate recovers.

    rpt this for 4-6+ + 10 rounds

    I would do a couple of sets but never push to hard your technique fails.

    WOW 21st September 2020

    10 Push ups or 10 Dips
    X 1 or 2 Sledge
    X farmers walks 40 mtrs

    X10-15 kcal sprint

    Rest 60-90 seconds x 5 sets

    Skip Press Burpee

    Rolling clock Every 4 mins x 5 sets
    ( 20 mins workout )

    X 100 skips or 50 DU
    X 6 Hand Stand Presses or scale to Pike press
    Or 12 Press is
    X 12 Burpees over an object

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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