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    Jemma Wesson

    Afternoon All

    Day 2 of Lockdown 2.0 how’s it going so far?

    I was hoping to post yesterday, But the first day of lock down didn’t go to plan for those that didn’t know my mobile decided not to work! Let’s just say the day didn’t go to plan.

    That’s something to be mindful of things don’t usually go to plan.
    But no point getting stressed, losing your temper, just count to 10 ask yourself ‘ok how can I deal with the situation’.
    You must Put your Chimp in its box, concentrate on your human part of the brain (the rational adult) sort it out if you can’t no point getting stressed is they ?
    Over the next few weeks, that chimp will want to jump out of its box and kick right off, like a kid having a hissy fit on the supermarket floor because they can’t have a 3rd packet of biscuits!
    Especially on the challenging days , the hormonal days , Just try catch the chip before he jumps out the box ! Anyway enough blabbering, just keep ya chip in the box A- ok !

    Pick 3 goals or challenges you want to achieve over the coming weeks,
    This could be achieving your first full push up , or plank on your toes.
    Could be learning to skip Ali did in the last lock down (well done Ali)
    You Could finish that job you have been putting off all year!
    Like your tax return ffs , Well done Kelly she has completed 2 of hers.
    That’s one of mine.

    You could pick a wellbeing one make sure you drink daily water intake, or get to bed on time again this is one of mine, don’t make them too hard which you cannot achieve, if I said run a marathon, coz like that would never be achievable for me. ( like never )

    My 3 are
    1) Get to bed before 10.30pm this is really early for me but achievable
    2) Swing a KB 50 swings a day Again Practice makes perfect achievable, you could do 50 burpees, press ups ?
    3) Tax Return Lets get it boxed off early for once.

    So Crack on, get thinking

    The Timetable will be Posted on the website and also on the facebook page and email to those not on Facebook.

    Booking IN System ON MYZONE that’s on my list to do, try booking in, this will keep you accountable and also lets the coaches know who is logging on and if you cannot get on (jade haha) that they can invite you.

    No we DO NOT have time to post a invite out to each and every one of you justsaying

    Remember Resilience you have been hear before we can do it again.

    Yes my spellings will be wrong and my grammar, but you are all well educated people I’m sure you can make it out

    Have a great day Smash day 2 of Lockdown 2.0


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